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But in January, she was one of 10,000 Macy's employees laid off during a mass culling as the iconic chain was forced to shutter 100 stores nationwide amid declining sales. fashion online shop Jennifer Richter on her first day on the job at Macy's in early 2015. Two years later she would be one of 10,000 workers laid off by the company as forces online and off restructured the entire retail sector. The Richter Family "It's crazy what's going on in retail," Richter told NBC News. "It's been a struggle. I've been on many, many interviews. Nothing materialized." Instead, she struck out on her own and bought into a small online clothing line as an independent representative. She buys the clothes from the clothing company, Agnes and Dora, and is starting an Instagram account and YouTube channel to drive sales. A screenshot of the online clothing line Richter bought into after losing her job in physical retail. That personal touch — which fewer physical stores seem to have time for — has a new audience online.

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